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 manolis-anastasakos kretsis-crew hand big athens greece

manolis-anastasakos kretsis-crew hand big athens greece
Manolis Anastasakos: "This is a project that will be complete with 2 more murals in Athens. This mural is called: "He, is praying for us" It's 600 m² The theme is from Albrecht Durer - 1508 (praying hands) The idea was to change the prey of a man into a prey of a god. In our confused country with all the social-economical-political issues, we can only turn for help to god. The disability of the politicians to solve problems,or to be fair, have create a <> system that destroys our values and of course art. This artwork is a sarcastic statement that god is the only solution left for us." eko edit:Please check my comment for more information about that controversial mural
27 September 2011

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