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 unknown text-message melbourne california

unknown text-message melbourne california
Mugley: " I miss the old graffiti, where people would use their words. It used to be pretty common here, and then sometime in the late 80s all the kiddies thought it would be a good idea to exercise their cultural cringe and cover it up with American-style street art pieces. To this day we're stuck with suburbs and train lines full of the stuff, while the inner-city types who should've inherited slogan graffiti are busy with stencils and paste-ups (culturally cringing in a slightly different direction to the suburban kiddies) and give-me-a-grant-please murals. Slogan graff seems to have been banished to toilet walls these days, so it was good to see some sitting loud and proud on a fence for a change. And even better to have the Chinablad with me at the time to get a shot of it."
04 December 2010

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