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ukraine amor minimalism

amor minimalism ukraine
diagrams, Ivano-frankivsk

The artwork shows four circles representing diagrams and two color swatches showing the palette used in this mural. According to certain statistics drawn from both oficial and non official sources of information and from personal conclusions reached in-situ, the first blue and red pie chart represents the people of Ukraine. Blue symbolizes pro-Ukranian individuals and red symbolizes pro-Russian individuals.
The second diagram shows eight eighths of the same size in primary, secondary, black and white colors, each one laid face to face with its opposite. This conjunction represents coexistence, proving that antagonism is an inevitable condition for life. Moreover, it also represents a pizza with eight flavors, alluding to diversity. The third diagram is a violence calculator. The pure blue and the tones in its scale at the top of the circle symbolize a lighter energy relating to a peaceful situation. The pure red and its variants at the base of the circle refer to a violent situation and a heavier energy. The fourth diagram represents those individuals who oppose war and violence. They are therefore in direct contact with "the light" compared to those who do support war and violence. This last diagram symbolizes the sun, 100% full of color and full of "the light". However, diagrams are beautiful geometric shapes that study numbers in a given context and do not represent war, neither reality.
The reality is that there is a war.
12 January 2016

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