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 tika bangkok asia

tika bangkok asia
TIKA: "FOUR LOTUS TREES" BUKRUK street art festival Thai & European artists in front of the Bangkok Art & Culure Center where the BUKRUK exposition is held till the 17th of march 2013. Each column tells it's own small story. Together this work "FOUR LOTUS TREES" is a collage of experiences I made, stories I've heard, temples and expositions I've visited, food I ate, everyday street-life I lived and thoughts I had during my six weeks stay in Thailand. 1 TIGER EATER: when a human kills a tiger and eats it, it takes in all its force and powers aswell all the powers the tiger has within it by all the humans it already ate before. So the light comes out of the tigers mouth. 2 FLOATING ISLANDS: the beauty of culture and nature dissolving and floating away by suffocation through careless tourism and burnt garbage. 3 PAYANAK MERMAID: the spirit of the water and rain, also called naga, a snakelike dragon with human torso, beliefed to be living in the Mekhong. 4 PHIKANET BOY: the elefant headed god of the art who brings fortune and luck. Eating lotusflowers the wisdome shines out of the elephants forehead.
02 March 2013

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