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 manolis-anastasakos kretsis-crew greece

manolis-anastasakos kretsis-crew greece
Mural by Manolis Anastasakos and Kretsis crew, composition by Panos Sklavenitis. Manolis Anastasakos: "This is about the unknown future of our confused country as we live in a <>. The symbol of the TV that we all know is there, to remind the viewer that there is no picture. Every time we see this symbol in the television we know that something is wrong, or, it is the end of the day program. Now we are living in the end of an era that killing our dreams , trying to imagine the future ,trying to create an image of it. We must all understand, that our generation can make the difference in this material world. We will try to create an image of tomorrow with great respect to the people and nature. This is the only solution, or ,we will live in a world were only money counts, and people will be pοοr and alone. In the mural we can see in the place we usually recognize the name of the channel the title : No signal In the place we usually the time and date we see zeros because we believe in a new start, in a new age."
27 November 2011

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