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 3ttman spain

3ttman spain
3TTMAN:"Last september I have been contacted by Greenpeace to make a mural during one of their intervention against the illegal construction of the Algarrobico : a HUGE hotel they were building in the middle of the natural reserve Cabo de Gata. We broke into the hotel and barricaded there during 3 days, that is the time it took me and my super motivated helpers to paint the mural. I made a sketch that is basically an allegory of the fight between Nature and constructors, at the beginning it was much more detailed but as we only had short time of work, I have simplified it to finish it on time. To me, the best achievement of this experience is definitely to have made it with the poor means and few time we had, and the great working spirit during these 3 days. Thanks to all." Full illustrated report on 3TTMAN website.
12 November 2011

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