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 mesa sahara africa various

mesa sahara africa various
Message from Mesa: I N F I N I T E Infinite is a project realiced in the Saharawis refugee camps in tindouf. Is incredible the history of the Saharawi people who live since more than 36 years in exile. Fighting a peaceful way with projects as Artifariti. The Sahara, under hard conditions of life, living in the so called "the desert of the deserts" a land that has no end, where time doesn't exist. This mystic culture, full of magic is in a political conflict whose solution isn't appropriate for many countries, including mine. The old Saharawi's villages that are found in the Moroccan occupied Western Sahara, have been and continue today being victims of crimes against humanity. Are separated from the liberated Sahara by "the wall of shame" a military wall, defended with large military forces on the front line, and protected with millions of land mines by the liberated part. Say that art crosses borders, after seeing the reality I am proud to contribute mi little grain of sand, transmitting a message of peace and freedom. Free Sahara!
04 November 2011

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