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 black-circle-festival-2 ukraine

black-circle-festival-2 ukraine

Black circle fest II

Place:Polonyna Runa mountain. Polonyna Runa is mountain in north - western part of the Ukrainian Carpathians, situated in Transcarpathian region. The highest point is 1,482 meters. At the very top one can find abandoned USSR military base. The military base purpose was to provide communication with the Soviet Warsaw Pact countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia) during Cold War. Code-name of the base was "Bars-103." Participants: Andrew Hir, Tibi Fol, Jaroslav Grob, Stas Turina, Dima Azo, Max MH, Sergei TK, Anton Varga, Misha Chopskiy, Senya Cool D, Sergey York, Andrew Kalkov and others. Organizers: Black Circle Family Time: July 7-10, 2011. This festival is the second action of Black Circle Family (previous festival held in the Poninka village in 2010). This year's festival took place at the top of the mountain Polonyna Runa on the military base. Participants have lived in tents, eaten from the fire travelled on foot. The festival took place, as a closed non-profit action. Place and time have not been publicized. The festival was held for the participants own expense. The festival is combination of industrial tourism and art. Along with us the farmers have been cutting remnants of iron scrap from this military base gradually disassembling it. That's when we realized that, in principle, we are doing very similar, dirty, but noble things - destroying all remnants of war, the Soviet era and civilization in this beautiful place.
05 August 2011

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