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 zevs red russia

zevs red russia
Street-Art Exhibition is difficult to imagine in gallery space. The best space for the presentation of works of street art artists is urban space. Gallery is a profanation of the so-called "institutional" artists, but for street-art creators - a place of sterilization. Of course, there may be a successful way of representation of street works, such as a photo or video documentation, but these examples exhibits infrequent and often trite curators are trying to present the aesthetics of the streets inside the gallery space, but it crosses ideological component of motion. Getting in the gallery, I as a spectator, I see the mass of entertainment and artistic works, in contemplation of which you lose hope in the possibility of establishing a dialogue with the artist. From a street artist and activist, as from anybody else expect radical statements, but the result is a customer-oriented approach of decorative nature. Now, in the Young Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow presents an exhibition "No limits in the street", the curators, who have not invited member of the Russian street art scene, but merely relied on the bright French artists: ZEVS, YZ, C215, Jana, Js. I've long been skeptical of street art, the foundation is becoming increasingly rare image (form), but of Zeus, as from a street artist and activist, I was waiting for a radical expression. Striving for self-identification through the use of stylistic devices and the use of outdated symbol indicates no specific knowledge of the author and the mentality of Russia. Please, forget about wooden dolls (Matreshka's), bears, Red star and hammer and sickle. They were never our characters and not how much do not touch our patriotic feelings. Thanks. --- With Respect, Igor P., Objects book:
10 July 2010

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