The New Fantastic Four - London - 1st April

The New Fantastic Four - London - 1st April

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The New Fantastic Four
18th March– 5th April 2010
Private View Thursday 18th March 6:00 – 9:00 pm
First Thursdays 1 April 6:00 – 9:00 pm


Directed by Daphné Polski


After foiling the Dastardly Taco Mans plan, The Fantastic 4 Street Artists are re-united and the diaphanous dragonfly Daphné leads them to Pure Evil’s underground fortress.. Who knows what lurks beneath the streets of darkest east Londinium ? … To be continued………………………………….. at Pure Evil Gallery



REMED aka Giulo aka “The Re-illusionist”
" Remed takes every style past its due date and makes it fresh. Art Nouveau and “Free to be You and Me” graphics of the seventies are made strikingly contemporary. If you were to synthesize into a single body of work, the “New Image” of the early eighties with the graffiti writers who entered the New York art world around the same time. . . . Remed would emerge. Experienced with a limited time frame for execution, Remed solves color interactions quickly and accurately. The English language is manipulated with formidable typographic skill and a vicious sense of style. You know Remed is special when you see his transmutation of the curved arms of the French avant-garde. He’s paid his dues, he’s dubbing over history. "
Brooklynite gallery NY

GREMS aka “Captain Orgasmo”
An artist with multiple facets from graffiti artist to graphic designer, rapper, producer, brand director, autodidact…
A graduate of the “Beaux Arts” in Bordeaux, Grems exhibited worldwide: Georges Pompidou in Paris, Laboratori Arte Alameda in Mexico, Galerie Parcour in Pekin… and then turned to graphics.
In 2007, he produced the campaign “Imagin R” for the RATP; collaborated with prestigious brands such as Nike, Artoyz, Oxbow and Six Pack… and did the front covers of Graffiti Art and l’Humanité magazines. Then, in 2009, he created two watches for the Swatch collection as well as the watch for the Club Swatch limited edition.
Grems has been recently published by edition populaire (Just after BomK, Gutter and Dran)

3TTMAN aka “The Thing”
His spontaneous, painterly style has affinities with traditional painters, cartoons and everything that surrounds him in his everyday life, combining bold compositions and often garish colours with sometimes brutal imagery.
His name derives from the French trois têtes man, or three headed man – a recurring figure in his work, which reflects a divided, often directly contradictory spirit. What he portrays, is not just the good/evil or ugly/beautiful inside battle, but the human behaviour imbalance and complexity in its whole staged by this simple character, often using an ironic or even humoristic style not to fall in fatalism. Londoners will recognise his work from the huge piece he did on the front of the Tate Museum in 2008.

ZBIOK aka Sławomir Czajkowski aka “Road-Runner”
Zbiok`s works are rooted in street art. It is a painting with a profound message – the artist takes part in the dispute concerning problems of the modern world in the global sense. He has developed a style that is both recognisable and convincing. Czajkowski feels at ease in the realm of signs and symbols of popular culture. He can use them and process them for his own purposes, conscoiusly and creatively.

And with the collaboration of PURE EVIL aka ‘Taco Man’

4 free-minded artists, who enjoy playing with texts and colourful characters create a new form of Art expression, with echoes of “the automatic writing” techniques developed by the surrealists.

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