Stick Me Hard!" second edition - May 09 - Brussels

Stick Me Hard!" second edition - May 09 - Brussels

Postby eko » April 20th, 2009, 8:19 pm

Stick Me Hard! 2 - Call For Submissions - 'the Worst Case' - Street Art international exhibition - Brussels May 2009 - stickers stencils posters

"Stick Me Hard!" second edition
StreetArt Exhibition focusing on Handmade Stickers, Posters, Stencils, Screenprint,...

This exhibition will be held from May 14 to May 28 2009, in Brussels Belgium.

For this edition we give you a theme to work on: “the worst case” (from the expression “the worst case scenario”)

that's include: end of the world, climatic disordered, secret societies, totalitarian system, the crisis, wars, plagues… in short: all this kind of black thoughts.

To participate:
- register on
- send us your artwork.
that's it!

Submission deadline 11 May.

You can send every thing you want, no size limit (think big, make big!)
...but we'll expose only “hand made” works (that doesn't exclude serigraphy, nor engraving).

Also we propose to artists (who can move to the place) to come and stick themself their work during the opening.
That will make an occasion, for artists present, to meet each others and perhaps give birth to new collaborations.
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