Kung Fu Grip! Zine No. 3B: Stick & Move "Special Ed

Kung Fu Grip! Zine No. 3B: Stick & Move "Special Ed

Postby KungFuPimp » June 10th, 2007, 9:12 am


Kung Fu Grip! Zine No. 3B: Stick & Move "Special Edition"

Kung Fu Grip! Zine is kicking ass and taking names -- again. Fifty-six
pages of exquisite randomness, including an 18-page pictorial on the
art of "slap tagging," a sexy eulogy to Anna Nicole Smith, a one-page
love story, and a piece on zine editor St. Paco's friendship with
activist and author Upski Wimsatt (Bomb The Suburbs). KFG!3 also
contains a graffiti gallery, vintage ads, news, toy reviews, and more.

Also, in a Beautiful Decay style remix, each cover of KFG!3 (Issue B)
features a one-of-a-kind collage made up of stickers by graffiti and
street artists from around the world. Limited to 200 numbered
editions, no two covers are exactly the same.

Want more info? Go here... http://kungfugripzine.com
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