12 Days of Xmas '08 - Bristol - dec 08

12 Days of Xmas '08 - Bristol - dec 08

Postby eko » December 2nd, 2008, 11:19 am

12 Days of Xmas '08


After all the chaos and mayhem of last years show you'd think we would have learnt our lesson, but for some reason we doing it all again...

Opening night
Friday 12th December, 7.00pm-10pm

Then open
Saturday 13th - Tuesday 23rd December, 12pm-7pm
15 -19 Stokes Croft, Bristol, UK

Once again crow-barring our way in-between the mince pies, mulled wine and bumper Radio Times our celebrated 12 Days of Xmas show is back!

Over 60 local, national & international artists showing prints, originals, installations,paste ups, graf and all sorts of things. It'll be so full of quality work one visit just aint going to be enough!

45rpm, Ace, Acerone, Adam Koukoudakis, Andy Council, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Ben Slow, Bon, Case, Cept, Chu, China Mike, Cyclops, Dan, Dicy, Doc Vek, Dolk, Dora, Dotmasters, Dscreet, Eelus, Emess, Emma Caton, Filthy Luke, FLX, Ghostboy, Goldie, Golden Snafu, Guy Denning, Holly Thoburn, Hush, iAmCxxx, Imbue, Inkie, Iri5, James Baker, Jef Aerosol, John Clark, Kate Westerholt, Labrona, Linda’s ex, Luke Dixon, M:M, M-City, Mark Ward, Mau Mau, Mighty Monkey, Motorboy, Mr Jago, Ozzy Mandus, Pam Glew, Panik, Patch, Pøbel, Prefab, Richt, Rowdy, Sepr, Sickboy, Simon Mills, Sixten, Sp38, Spqr, Sweet Toof, The Art Tart, Tom Hine, Trxtr, What Collective, Will Barras, Will St Leger, We Dream Of Meat

FULL DETAILS AT: http://www.12daysofxmas.co.uk
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Postby mjar » December 14th, 2008, 12:10 am

the guys over on Bristol Graffiti have some pictures up from the show.

check them over on the blog

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