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 1107-clan fak night slovenia balkans

1107-clan fak night slovenia balkans
Situation of studying and working as a student will fall down soon. Government is trying to abolish student work and replace it with "small work" which would be available for all people - students, elders ... Among them students are the only one without other income. Small work is drastically reducing working hours and payment. In those conditions students from other parts of Slovenia, without good financial background, could not afford to study in distant city (Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper ... ). Many of them need to work, because studying costs a lot of money when you need to pay place to live in, study material and to live in decent living conditions. In attachment you have picture of statue which was placed in student halls of residence to remind students that many of them couldn't afford to study in those new conditions. In less than three hours the statue was ruin by hall officials ... Study will be to expensive for many young prospective people who are the main driving force of development. What we need is intellectual society, which wouldn't blindly follow ideology of authorities! University of Ljubljana was established in 1919. Don't let it end with the year of 2010! 1107 clan&fak
14 April 2010

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