Hello my name is Rolando Kern aka Mr Kern. I started painting with cans in 1994.

What have you done before this book ?

How this book was born ?
My aim was to pay homage to the artists i spent some good time when i was in Barcelona.(Eox,Skum,Seleka,Flee,Nar..) From 1999 to 2004.

How did you meet Colors Zoo ? (the book company) ?
I stole their 1st book (Welcome to colors zoo) in 2002 during Sonar Festival in Barcelona.
There were a few pieces from me published in it. And i enjoyed the graffiti selection and the lay-out.

So you contacted them ?
1st i wanted to print the book myself, but i finally thought it was a good idea to propose these young men a PDF pre-release... And they have been interested in the project.

What has been the harder on the making of the book ?
Run the project from the beginning to the end without spreading myself too thin.

You book is named le "Cendart" (ashtray) with a beautiful ashtray on the cover. Haven't you been tired of smoking when drawing such a dreadful thing ?
Yes i had. But what i'm particularly interested in are the psychotropic substances that we usually add in the cigarette.

Could you tell us a few words about Alain Lluch, who is present in several of your canvas (he is known to be an "art-thief")
Yep, everybody keeps on asking me news about him. He's a living legend. He is about to be the new youth icon (be careful Britney Spears, your reign is over !!!). This man is my personal muse.

Would you like that he "borrows" one of you canvas ?

He has already stolen one of my illustration a long time ago !

Are your drawings based on photos ?
yes -for the most part-.

Captain America & Ronald Mac Donald are present in many of your productions. What do these 2 American-icons inspire you ?
My original goal is to make less dramatic failings of ultra-globalisation with sketches staging these to american culture symbols.

You have lived in Barcelona for some time, and you are now back to Bordeaux.
According to you, what are the good and the bad side of every cities ?

Bordeaux: The bad side: Greyness, narrow-mindedness, total incomprehension with authorities, a completely rigid graffiti scene , life is expensive.
The good side: Wine is cheap.

Barcelona: The good side: True art of living based on graffiti, at least 200 sunny days, incredible artistic scene (50% of the people is a designed or a dj...), art scene effervescence, el pan con tomate y los Carajillos de Bailey's...
The bad side: Administration slowness and the new mayor.

Any wishes, projects in the next months ?
Projects: Exhibition in Sevilla Montana shop in a couple of months.
Project to do a comice. A new version of my website ( http://www.mrkern.com ).
To customise a range of pasta boxes 100% pure pig and cooked by Alain Lluch.and may be a sequel to Cendart book... but you still can freely check news on http://www.fotolog.net/mister_kern

According to you who should i interview next for ekosystem ?
Puff Daddy.

Le Cendart
Jean-Fran├žois Kern
ISBN: 84-934033-6-9

Cover back 150 x 150 mm
64 pages Mix Media Drawings Full Color French - 12 €

ekosystem november 2006
special thanks to OPT