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My name is CT , I’m 22 years old and I come from a little town on the hills nearby Torino.

During week I think about painting; on weekend I go painting.
Since I was a child I always  love to draw,
during middle school I met a guy that was a little bit involved in tags, so I start tagging too.
For a lot of years I only do thousands of classic  graffiti  sketch and no walls painting,
when I start making it on walls I immediately get bored of that graffiti attitude,
so I start  making something different.


Who were your street influences (past & present) ?

When I start doing graffiti I get struck of Basel line graffiti scene.
I love the wall attitude they had got:
Simple background,  piece-piece-piece, nothing more ;that setting is still innovative and perfect…
After that “Swiss” period I started seeing what was happened in Slovakia and then I had more clear how graffiti could be evolved and bring…
Today my attention is on Paris and Berlin scenes.

Your pieces look like painted vector pieces. Do you make sketches on Illustrator ? where do you find the inspiration for your letters (type foundries, advertisements or writers...)?

A lot of people think  I’m a computer vector eager but it is not true!!! I ‘m unable with computer! All my sketches are done with squared  paper and a black pen.
Inspiration comes from all things I perceive : I try to oversimplify everything and use the singles peculiarity to create something new, I want to filter the setting and suggest again as” I feel it”.



You often paint on abandoned places. Is it important for you that your art is seen in the streets or your self-satisfaction and photos are enough for you ?

Satisfaction comes from a well done work.
Besides if  people see it live, better…

Has Torino an interesting street/graffiti scene ?

In Torino graffiti are at ground zero.
Here only a Group had done something very interesting…

If I visited Torino, which are the places I shouldn't miss ?

Well, a weekend holiday is enough to visit it.
A relaxing walk along the river Po and in downtown show you a lot of  interesting glimpses.
If you so like landscapes you have to take the “dentera” –a little historic train- that bring you on the Superga’s hill : Torino will be at your feet.




If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be ?
Anyone that love his own art and would to share it with me.

Any plans for the future that you can tell us about ?
Take driving licence!

Could you tell us what was the last records you played at home ?

Intillimani “la nueva cancion chilena” .

Thanks for the interview CT, wish you good luck in future!


> CT's gallery on ekosystem <



ekosystem september 2007