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 zosen barcelona

zosen barcelona
The magazine Carcelona "20 anys a la millor botiga del mon" gathers plenty of interviews with artists, activists, musicians and people of different generations who live or lived in Barcelona and have met Zosen between 1990 and 2010. The publication brings together the experiences of the artists, the work and their impressions about the changes that have taken place in the city the last years. It is somehow a manifest of the underground culture of the last 20 years in Barcelona, a document that features our latest history, sometimes forgotten. The first edition is a 100 copies run, numbered, with original silk screen printed covers by Aryz and Lusmore. The artists are: Sergio Mora, Meneo, Francesc Punsola (Frank Trepax), Alicia Rosello, Lusmore, Xupet Negre, Miranda Makaroff, Anrod Photo/ Zroken, Fuck the Bastards/ C-utter, Abel Galleta Rrecords, Alejandra Perez (Elpueblodechina), Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada and Aryz. Carcelona Preview here
09 December 2011

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