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 aleksandr-zhunev russia big

aleksandr-zhunev russia big
Legend of Kudim Osh Kudym Osh ("osh" means "bear") is a hero of the Permian Komi epos, founder of the settlement of Kudymkar, the capital of Permian Komis. He taught his people to grow bread and to beat out iron. "I will have been sleeping for a long time, but one day I will wake up to make your life happy. But you shouldn't sit on your hands either" ("Sacred Treasure", V. Klimov) Since that time, especially in hard times, Permian Komis have been awaiting Kudym Osh and hoping for his help and strength Every human, every family is a small part of a bigger unit. the whole nation, like a grain in the bread spike. All of them have the same ground, the same roots. And their strength is in unity and faith to their ground.
05 October 2011

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