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News from reSIGNation

Postby just » May 20th, 2008, 6:53 pm

Lisha & Co / reSIGNation

As announced the ReSIGNation-Group just came up with some new Works..
..and i was lucky to find some!

<img src="" width="1011" alt="1-resignation-wahrschauer" />

<img src="" width="1011" height="677" alt="_DSC1739-2-reSIGNation-upss" />

<img src="" width="505" alt="_DSC1854-resignation" /> <img src="" width="505" height="338" alt="_DSC1843-resignation" />

<img src="" width="505" alt="1-_DSC1824-resignation" /> <img width="505" src=""/>

Check the ReSIGNation-Blog for much more nice Signs!
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