Bon Iver interview @ Paradiso

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Bon Iver interview @ Paradiso

Postby stickergod1 » June 7th, 2008, 8:23 pm

Bon Iver

I got fired again- it was a good job (well actually making art is a good job- making otherz art- in the end -is bullshit)-- I got fired because I was not being a team player…. Ok, well, so I was not a team player- but I swear I’m going to work on that.

Three months ago, a friend of mine, who is a blogging musical expert, gave me some music which he said was good. I was having trouble with my Ipod- so he “fixed” it- by loosing all my music and putting his favorites in exchange! God bless the Ipod Terror Team. Anyway- somewhere in between Sufjan Stevens, Zeta Swoot, Tom Waits, Ween, Otis Reading, Of Montreal, and a few others – he placed a MAGIC PILL.

Axel Rose went to my high school in Lafayette Indiana- to say that I have a good taste in Music would be an extreme exaggeration- Guns and Roses are the Greatest and Axel ROSE still kicks ass.

I’m 33 now- and becoming less of a team player- more cynical, angrier, and I really don’t care so much about anything. Its sad, but its also so romantic- I love the life I am living.

I was speaking about a MAGIC PILL my friend left me on my Ipod- well, for three weeks I didn’t stop listening to this pill- Bon Iver “For Emma, Forever ago”,its magic.

One of the advantages of living in Europe and having American bands come is that you can see them in a really small venue. Amsterdam is really good like that-, and also, its nice when you know the venue, and some people who work there- and you can get free beer---oh that’s nice.

Four of us went to See Bon Iver- all junkies for their music- their pill.


After the show I asked them about the idea of creating music, which is armature like?

And they replied- “don’t take yourself too seriously”

I will not.
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