Cyop & Kaf / Nova Bruxelles

Cyop & Kaf / Nova Bruxelles

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Cyop & Kaf

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Fantastic horned creatures in flight, skeletons waving at passers-by, symbols to protect you from the evil eye... Cyop & Kaf's graffiti is unforgettable. Take a walk through the streets of Naples and you're bound to come across their work: they're everywhere! From the historical center to the suburbs, their prolific drawings wait for you in the most unexpected corners of the city. And when you happen upon one of their characters, it's like bumping into a friend. For the first time in Belgium, Cyop & Kaf invites you into their world, with new work being created "live" directly on the walls of Nova's bar and hallway during the exhibit's opening. As a bonus, we're organizing a slideshow with photos of their graffiti in their natural environment, with commentary by their friends from the magazine "Napoli Monitor".
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