Calling all street artists from Norway/Iceland/Lichtenstein!

Calling all street artists from Norway/Iceland/Lichtenstein!

Postby uhl » April 12th, 2010, 2:14 pm

Hey chaps,

I was really glad to have this forum found. I'm representing an artists association named "sulvoq". We're a bunch of young Poles (photographers, fashion designer, musicians etc) looking to get stuff changing in our region, which is (more or less) town of Nowa Sol, mid-west of the country.

Anyways... We're looking for street artists from countries mentioned in the topic, to cooperate over a murals project, of a theme that hasn't yet been established. We want to base it on funds from "Cultural Exchange Fund" - You wouldn't get to earn any money, but You would get a free trip to Poland and most, if not all, of your expenses covered :) Not to mention all the mindly benefits :D

There's little chance that we'll be able to get it going this season, but who knows! If we could get organized with all the details in the next, let's say, 3 months, and do all necessary paperwork, there's surely a chance. But we would need quite a bit of engagement form Your side, too - preparing a drought on a selected theme would be essential. That's why I'll be asking You to get in touch with me, and we'll go from there, ok?

I assume that artists take snapshots of their works and publish them here on their own, but if not, please forward this post to anyone You can think of, that could be interested in cooperating. Contact me via mail on sulvoq [at] gmail dot com.

Hope to hear from U soon!

wishing U infinite inspiration,
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