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Next exhibition in [v]iuro will bring on wallpaper the most essential street technique, stencil.

For majority stencil means banksy or m-city for some polish folks meantime exhibition “peelde szablonen” will change this point of view. Bohomaz, Czarnobyl, Egon Fietke their works felt walls when Banksy mostly used knife to carve a piece of bread. “peelde szablonen” will try to clash those three rare personalities bohomaz’s onirism textures, czarnobyl’s post radiation geometry which sometimes breed of some sort of mutants and psychedelic furs by egon fietke. we hope that after this exhibit stencil will not be only nice, figurate, colorful picture which you can hang above your 48'' lcd.

We invitie you to vernissage of exhibition “peelde szablonen” on friday 09.09.2009, 8 p.m in [v]iuro gallery which is located on 11 listopada 22 street in Warsaw.
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