PaperChase "Schnitzeljagd" in Basel / EnjoyTheStre

PaperChase "Schnitzeljagd" in Basel / EnjoyTheStre

Postby the walters » June 23rd, 2008, 12:12 pm


There are some golden WalterSkull Stickers hidden in basel. In the streets, on windows,
walls, traffic lights, street signs and other street objects.
Try to find them or at least spot one. Send an e-mail with the location or picture of
where you spotted the WalterSkull + your address and your t-shirt size to:
and you could win one of five exclusive Walters T-shirts by ETextileS.

check out the streets:
"Gerbergässlein, Steinenbachgässlein and Feldbergstraße"

In Basel sind ein paar goldene WalterSkull-Sticker versteckt. Sie kleben in den Straßen
- an Scheiben, Wänden, Ampeln, Straßenschildern...etc.
Finde sie (oder zumindest einen)!
Email den Fundort (oder Foto) + deine Adresse und deine T-Shirt Größe an:
und gewinne eines von 5 exklusiven Walter-Tshirts von ETextileS.

als kleiner tipp, schau mal in das/die:
"Gerbergässlein, Steinenbachgässlein und die Feldbergstraße"

"Schnitzeljagd" is a project in cooperation with EnjoyTheStreets and TheWalters.
For more information please visit and

EnjoyTheStreets, 2008
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