PICTURIN torino mural art festival 2010

PICTURIN torino mural art festival 2010

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During October and November Torino European Youth Capital 2010 will host PICTURIN FESTIVAL, the first international mural art event in Italy.
The young Italian and foreigner artists will be the protagonists of this festival and they will have to transform and retrain the walls of the city centre and the suborns with their creativity.
This event confirms the vocation of Torino as a city very oriented to the contemporary art and the changes.
PICTURIN, supported by the Italian Youth Department, is proposed and coordinated by Murarte (a project of the Torino City Council Youth Department), Fondazione Contrada Torino Onlus and ACU (associations for the urban creativity) from Torino: Artefatti, Il Cerchio E Le Gocce and Style Orange.
Blind walls or only walls of forgotten urban buildings, places designed to advertisements will be used for the artistic intervention.
3.500 square metres of mural surface, from Palazzo Nuovo (via Verdi e Corso San Maurizio) to Lungo Dora Savona, from via Fiocchetto to Corso Taranto, from via Giachino to via Cigna, from Corso Grosseto to via Netro, from via Servais to via Don Murialdo, will be painted in one month. During this month the public could see the artist working, climbing walls to transform them in original works of art.
PICTURIN FESTIVAL offers the opportunity to appreciate well known places and to discover uncommon corners of the city, making people enjoy the creativity of international muralists and the method used to obtain the precious work: from the performance to the work of art.
During the Festival, International well known and emerging artists will work together with different materials and methods: painting, spray, enamel and stencyl.

Some prestigious protagonists: Aryz, young Catalan talent of the mural movement focusing on social problems; Erica Il Cane multifaceted artist from Bologna expert in pictures, murals and video draw; Nychos disrespectful Austrian author of Rabbit Eye Movement who has just concluded in the art gallery of London Pure Evil; Zedz Duch architect, one of the European historical writes and pioneer of the 3D style.
The artists of the associations from Torino Artefatti, Il Cerchio E Le Gocce and Style Orange, that organize the festival, will make the painting Culture colours your life on the wall of the University building, Palazzo Nuovo: an imaginary city where the predominant colours are grey and black, symbols of homologation and indifference, is covered from a big cloud and its colourful rain that colour the city. Culture and Creativity colour the minds and transform the thoughts.
The all works of art will be new production ordered from the Festival.
PICTURIN FESTIVAL has also foreseen some relaxing and aggregation moments among the artists and the public of the event. Exhibitions, conferences, concerts, related to the urban art and underground culture, will be organized for all the duration of the Festival.
The work in progress of the artists will be available on the official web site, facebook, flickr and dedicated youtube channel where it will be possible to find pictures, videos and interviews of the artists.
A selection of some artists who will take part into the Festival:
Agostino Iacurci - Italy, Aryz - Spain, Cactus & Maria - Italy, Cowboy - Italy,
Corn ADC - Italy, Dolo - Italy, Dome - Germany, El Mac - USA, Erica il Cane - Italy,
Etnik KNM - Italy, Galo - Italy, Grito – Spain, Hemo BGM - Italy, Joys EAD - Italy,
KNZ Clan - Italy, Macs - Italy, Made EAD - Italy, Morky - Netherlands, Mr Pollo - Italy,
Mrfijodor ADC - Italy, Mr Wany - Italy, Nychos - Austria, Pixel Pancho - Italy, Peeta -
Italy, Reser TOT - Italy, Retna - USA, Roa - Belgium, Robof - Italy, Robot Rock - Italy,
Sague - Spain, Sat One - Germany, Skiwo KNM - Italy, Spok - Spain, Tomoz –
Italy, Wens TOT - Italy, Tomoz Romagna in Fiore - Italy, Truly Design - Italy, Verbo
BGM - Italy, Xtreme – Spain, Yama EAD - Italy, Zeus WB - Italy, Zedz – Netherlands.

For detailed information and completed programme:

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