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Street Art in Berlin - version 3.0
Kai Jacob's book release and photo exhibition


ALIAS (Berlin)

FREAK REVOLT Berlin (Mork, Grafro, EmaJones)

opening: friday 11th december from 18.00

X Lab Gallery, new unconventional art space in Xberg, meets Kai Jacob and his book about the Berlin street art.
The event will gather a collection of pictures to describe and celebrate the importance of this artform like a real, free and spontaneous action.
On 11th december X Lab will also presents the work of one the most clever stencil artist of the Berlin scene: ALIAS.
His pastings talk to the people about war, misery and other social themes simply realizing images of children and other emblematic figures, forcing people to think and reflect about.
Besides, in one only big exhibition will be exposed the original works of Freak Revolt, an artistic collective, which goal is to explore the idea of street art in different directions and using different recycled materials and surfaces.
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