<b>1. Can you present yourself quickly to our readers ?</b><br>SatOne/Munich <b>2. What is very impressive with your graphic style is that there is nearly no difference between your computer work, the walls or the canvases you paint. Your productions are always extremely clean, minimal, with fat & precise outlines. In the book most of your work is from 2005-2006. Have you always painted with that unique style ?</b><br>People often tell me that they are impressed by the cleanliness you can see in my work. I use it more like a necessary ingredient to support the graphical-look and to get a clear, visible reduction of my ideas. Around 2000 i finished graphic-design school and it took a great influence on my later work. The time before, i used to paint “illustrative”, using much more details, fadings and also a bigger range of colours. WON (Abc) had a big influence back then. From time to time i`m also doing <i>fotorealistic</i> stuff for commission works - People wouldn`t believe it`s also done by me. At the moment i like to experiment alot and to search through old <i>drawers</i> to refresh some ideas from the past and connect it with actual stuff. <b>3. Why have you choosen to only show your latest productions ?</b><br>I've chosen lately productions to avoid an overdose of information. The book should be seen like a diary and not like somebodies work of a lifetime, because this seems like a dead end street to me. It`s more important to show people NOW your possibilities and that there is so much to do in the future! <b>4. Which artists (from the street-graffiti scene and/or classic art scene)do you enjoy ?</b><br>Revok, Saber, San, Dems, Won, Logan, Erosie, CMP, Esher, Simon Bisley (Slaine), Moebius, Art Nouveau, Kandinsky, Turner.......there are too many, but i like those with original style! <b>5. What is the work you have done you are the most proud ? (and the one that makes you the most ashamed)</b><br>There are much more other things in life to worry about but disappointment is a good way not to stagnate. <b>6. If you were forced to wear a tattoo in your neck what kind of visual,words, etc...Would you choose?</b><br>This must be the words:   “Hairs...Please stop growing here!”   (laugh)<br><br><b>7. Could you tell us what was the last records you played at home ?</b><br>Therapy?, The knife, Ministry, Dead can Dance, Creme de Menthe, Warren Suicide, Bloc Party,  LCD Soundsystem, Red lorry Yellow lorry...
SATONE interview - ekosystem feb 2007
All the illustrations have been extracted from Satone book: DY:003:SATONE:decisions
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