<b>1. You started painting graffiti in 1993.<br>Like anyone else were your first 
pieces letters, or have you always been into characters ?  When did you start 
getting serious about your own style ?</b><br> -For sure i started like a graffiti writer:writing my name,and now i am still doing the same, but something between grew in me. When i start to make some figurative murals,i use the drawing like an instrument to prepare my walls. Now,the same drawing is the main thing in my work. <b>2. How would you describe your own style ? Who and what were your original influences to paint ?</b><br>- I don´t know how to define my work,and i wouldn´t like to do it. My first influences was graffiti writers,after that i was really interested in classic painters and drawers.Now, i try to enjoy the art from different kind of things,not only artists. <b>3. You often mix creatures, animals and objects together. where does it come from ? Are there dreams ? nightmares ? LSD trips ? a distorted vision of our world ?</b><br>- A lot of people told me this kind of things.I don´t make monsters or mutants.I just use my creativity in all posiblilities as i can do it. I don´t know how the people receive my messages.But i can promise that they are totally real.They born from the most usual things in the human´s beings life. They are everyday people.<br><br><b>4. You studied fine-art what is the most important thing you learnt at the art school ?</b><br>I haven't finished my studies,i´m learning to see. This is the most important thing that i learnt. <b>5. 
In the graffiti/street scene everyone is more or less connected. Any names you can drop of people you have enjoyed collaborating ?</b><br>- A lot. I prefer don´t tell names,if you look at my featuring stuff you can find the connections.<br><br><b>5. And someone you would like to meet and work with ?</b><br>I would like to know whatever the life offers to me. <b>6. There are drawings of Jimi Hendrix, Kraftwerk and Public Enemy in your book. A guitar heroe, the techno originators and the old kings of political rap. Are they your music heroes ? Do you also listen to nowadays music ?</b><br>- No,it´s a commission job for a Music label. For sure i love their music. But they aren´t my heroes. <b>7. Any wishes, projects in the next months ?</b><br>- Now I´m in Brazil making a lot of things,Exhibition,live painting and work with my Brazilian family. After that i have a lot of work to do in Spain,some travels to make exhibitions in Berlin, Brussels, Athens....<br>Next autumn I´ll make 2 exhibitions in U.S.A. At UpperPLayground Galleries in Portland and San Francisco.
SAN interview - ekosystem april 2007
All the illustrations have been extracted from SAN book: DY:001:SAN
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