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Eko: When, where, and what was your introduction to 'street-painting' ?
Nuria: Madrid spain 99

Eko: You're back from Austria where you have collaborated with Tag Tool. I think you met them this summer in Berlin. Can you tell us a bit about your collaboration using their impressive projection system on buildings ?
Nuria: Yes we meet in Berlin and in the mid of september we did at matadero two big sculptures from " La noche en blanco ", so we talk with tagtool and the organization to do a tagtool session in Madrid for that night too. So we went to paint, during one week in Madrid with the tagtool and elequipoplastico,thats how we started to do this colaborating project. After Madrid they invite me to paint a big mural on their base and do some more tagtool session....
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Eko: Last winter you painted in a Sevilla Hotel with El Tono. You made an incredible work. When you work on such a project do you feel like an artist, an interior designer or you don't ask yourself about this.
Nuria: I dont make any difference about feeling an artist or an interior designer ...My background is from Architecture so I feel very familiar with both so for me it's the same.
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Eko:As you collaborate very often with El Tono, we sometimes have difficulties to know who is who and who is making the job. Are you sometimes upset that we confuse your name (and work) ?
Nuria: About working with eltono its a shame that some people dont think a little bit more, and its so hard that all your efforts only has recognition because eltono. People sometimes only thinks about a name , they don't see the differences because they are only giving attention at a name. For me its unfair but the worst is that its very boring.
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Eko: Would you like to work more regularly alone in the future ?
Nuria: I don't know anything about tomorrow , I don't project my future, I'm painting because I need it ,but working with Eltono is great for both of us , we had very good time working together and its very easy because we have the same point of view and so much compenetration.
And also I discovered that being alone is great too.
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Eko: Barcelona had one the most active street-scene in Europe last years. We all know it's a bit over now. Is Madrid still a Spanish city like we love them (people pretty tolerant with street-artists) ?
Nuria: Yes Madrid is great , still the same.
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Eko: Could you tell us what was the last records you played at home ?
Nuria: Right now Maria Daniela y su sonido laser, so much coincidence she is mexican too.
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Eko: According to you who should i interview next for ekosystem ?
Nuria: mmmmmmm I dont know may be a good friends nico "Blu", o "Nano 4814"and "Sixe art" from El Equipo Plastico.
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Eko: If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be ?
Nuria: It would be with a mexican architect called "Luis Barragan" but I'm afraid he is dead...
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ekosystem - October 2007
Nuria Mora

El Equipo Plastico
Tag Tool


Eko:As a conclusion on ElTono's blog, we saw that he is making a big tour in South America, have you planned to join him somewhere ?
Nuria: Yes may be in Argentina , because I will be in Rio by the time and Doma and Fase guys from Buenos aires are talking to do something with us and Above.