Who are people behind Le Cover, and where do you guys come from ?
The elements are: ER PROFESSOR, ZORA LO DRUNK, SICURO NELLA PROPRIA ABITAZIONE. Our names have been created for the only purpose of LE COVèR crew. We are from the middle of Italy, from a little city in the east coast.

Where do the name "Le Cover" come from ?
The story of le covèr started after a PUBLIC ENEMY's concert. In ZORA's car we talked about making a huge illegal graffiti to cover many classic pieces!!! The name comes from "COVER" because we reproduce real objects in big size. Name is transformed to LE COVèR for a "french style" eh eh eh

Who/what inspired you to start it up ?
We started it up because the last 3 years we only made legal pieces in hall of fames, and streets looked grey and pathetic, so took our old balaclava helmets and ours old big brushes and le covèr's essential social terrorism project started.............

How do you guys work, as individuals or as collective ?
We are 3 in 1, 6 harms and 1 mind.

Any design education ?
We dont know, we are italian!!! no we are self-taught persons

Why did you choose to make graffiti without paint in big your artist name or the crew one ?
Because ours is a social message and because we are different to others people
.....but wait for LE COVèR VIII

What kind of message do you hope to deliver ? (with Panda tanker or Chicken Farm mixer by example)
In the world there too much wickedness and not much respect for ours Earth.

Are you militants ? like being in an altermondialist association or making some demonstrations like against G8 ?
No we aren't militants, we are simple guys with big ideas in the ass!!!

What kind of graffiti artists (modern or old school) inspired you ?
All and nothing, my uzi weighs a ton (Public Enemy)

Why do you paint a serial number with your graffiti piece ?
We think its a great idea, because after every piece people want to see the next one..

What are relationships between graffiti artists and police/politics in Italy ?
Berlusconi seems not to be the kind of president being agree with that ? yes or no ?
oh yeah! Berlusconi is a shit-fascist-rich-plastic face-dwarf-defensor of rich-capitalist-buana-mother fucker-mafious man.........le covèr will paint his yacht in the future.

Do you feel like you’re different from other people because you go out the night and paint when other people are asleep or are dancing and drinking ?
what do you think? yes we are different but is the destiny, many times they are ours inspirations.

What can we expect from Le Cover in the future ?
At the moment Le Cover is a fucking machine that can't be stopped!!! We have big ideas and you will soon see them, if we arent in jail!!!

Any shout outs or fuck yous?
Pizza, spaghetti e mandolino for all!

sorry for our bad english man!
see you soon

come in italy

ekosystem september 03 - Special thanks to _G_