<b>1. Can you present us BTOY ?</b><br>Btoy it's like a tale,we like to see him like an old story or something that is gonna happen in the future<br>It's about art & imagination <b>2. Why using a single name for 2 different people ?</b><br>We started to paint together at night so...we took a war name BTOY.<br>Like in movies....things become epics<br><br><b>3. There is obviously 2 different worlds in your work. Some stencils for 50's Japanese images and your science fiction/fantasy characters. Does these 2 worlds are completely independant ?</b><br>The two worlds work independent. Sometimes we work together sometimes no, but in the streets we usually paint togheter. We saw it like parts of unfinished stories,like trailers of a non existent film,little lapses of time... <b>4. Why do your characters never smile ? Is a movie like Dark Cristal had an influence on your work ?</b><br>Some people tell us that our characters look sad or melancolic, we do not saw them this way, ok a lot of them have a bit of paradise lost syndrome, return to chilhood. They are beings concentrate in their own matters, like hunters in the forest, summoners, living spirits, spells and magical symbols... <br>I love Dark Cristal, when i was child i was amazed. <b>5. Do you know Kid Acne work ? Some of his characters could come from the same planet as yours. A collaboration would be great.</b><br>We really like Kid Acne, with his Totems, savage girls ghosts & goblins...and the covers for warp records...<br> Maybe we are not in the same planet but for sure in the same solar system. If he wants to collaborate with us we gonna feel really happy and jump aroud all over the house. <b>6. Just like Kid Acne you are also a music producer. Can you tell us what your music sounds like ? Do you have projects to mix your graphic world with your music ?</b><br>Our music is changing quite a lot this days so it's really dificult to tell you which way gonna take...<br>We love noise & experimental but Dubstep and all that big fat basses make as mad<br>In future we want to make some animation with takes time. <b>7. Any wishes, projects in the next months ?</b><br>We gonna go to Mexico in one month to participate in a exhibition with Lolo(hello Lolo) the guy who paints the white kids & the intrincate forest... it's a one month project so we feel happy.<br>Theh we go to Brussels with Satone & San to present Belio Collection(thank you Pablo)<br>After that we will go to Portugal for a music project with Rui Horta & the dancer Victor Zambrana<br> Berlin to make an exhibition with Satone & San in Neurotitan<br>Quite busy. We should find a nice beach to rest a couple of weeks after that.
BTOY interview - ekosystem march 2007
All the illustrations have been extracted from BTOY book: DY:002:BTOY
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