When did you start getting actively involved in photography ?

I started in 94/95 at school, but it was not serious, just because it was school. I started shooting in the yards around 97, it was a very good time in Italy like a golden age for graffiti train. I started to really love what i did in the night time with my camera, so I started showing photos to some different graffiti writers, and the reaction was good and positive, so I realized I could do a work never done before. In that time you couldn't see many action photos like my style, now you can see more because digital cameras make all things so easy.. but many years ago it was not the same.

What kind of camera do you use ?

I use different type of cameras, but for action photos, Canon, is the best: fast and easy to use...just perfect for reportage...

Do you 'photoshop' a lot your pictures ?

In my work i never use photoshop, my publications are all film photography, not digital, all negative. Now with the digital era it is very important what you do with photoshop. A new era has started for all photographers, so we will see in the future what's goin on, it's a big revolution for the photo world.

Do you have any favorite photographers ?

Bruce Davidson, Estevan Oriol, Boogie they are my favorite.... strong and powerful photos...also very original styles...

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be ?

Twist, Os gemeos and many others. It depends what we can do together. It is not easy to work with somebody else... but I like trying...

You are known for your nightshot-train-action-pictures. Why such an interest for train bombing ?

I think this is the best movement in the world. It is very interesting what writers can do for writing a name on a train, they spend so many time and it is against laws... so is very interesting to document.

What else do you shot ?

Reportages in very different ways. I mean different worlds than grafiti. Portrait and fashion.

How did the book come about ? Was it something you had been planning for a long time ?

It was a hard work very hard to do, nobody knew me so I have to give to someone my credibility to use money in my job, so it was very hard, now the publisher is very happy because there are a lot interest about the book. But in the begining it was not obvious for him to publish such a book. But you know it is a normal way, everybody would act the same..

Any new project now, or you just need holidays ?

hehehe..., just holidays with my girlfriend, I want to start new things. I have projects for the future but I don't want to say much, it's a bit early to talk about it. I willl have some expos in this year to do, mainly to promote the book.

additional informations about the book

164 pages (30x17 cm)
ISBN-13: 978-8889431498
printed by Damiani

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