Most of us discovered you during your residence in Paris. What did you do before ?
Before moving to paris in 2001 I was a freight bomber in California. I tagged the Name Above, Freights. I was and still am a huge fan of American trains. The fact that ones artwork is moving all over the country is a good feeling. Everyone must yeild to the Iron Horse.

You are now back in California. Urbanism is pretty different than Paris streets. Does it change your way of working ?
For sure...The city I'm painting in the Blueprint for my Arrow attacks. whether its wood, paint, stencils, or stickers The city landscape is very important in Placemant and posibilities. Paris is a beautiful city that is stacked and very dense, opposed to most American cities that are flat and wide spread. For example, In Paris we have the "rain gutters" on every street that run down the side of the building. An extremely effective object to tag, or to put up a sticker...where in the states one is not so fortunate.

To be an American in Paris, does it make tradespeople easier to convince to paint on their store ?
No its actually much harder! Most French that I've encountered are "against" many Americans. What I mean is that there is this grudge or un-easyness for americans in foreign lands. The times that I would ask permission to paint a store, the owner would ask me where I was from? I would tell them California, and very often after I said that they just turned their backs and walked off.

Or anyway you didn't ask any authorisation to paint them all....?
I would say it was split 50% legal, 50% illegal. When I would paint a store often times the cops would be called...I would show them fake signatures, and address'. They would look it over for about a few seconds then leave. Its funny The cops would say " oh so your the guy who I see everywhere." Once I had a cop ask me if I could paint his truck. I would paint in the daytime with no fear of being caught. The cops knew who I was and didn't see me as a vandal. I could always work the "Dumb American" angle and explain that I had permission but lost the papers, or there was a mis understanding between me and the owner...In any case I got away with a lot of nice illegal piece's.

We have seen tons of wooden arrows, in Paris. How many arrows have you put up ? Are there long to cut and made?
First of all thank you for keeping your head up^ I really had the most fun putting my arrows up in Paris. I did a total of exactly 451 in all 20 Arrondissement's. I am very organized in how I spread my art around any given city. I like to be "all City" with pieces of me in every corner of a city. with Paris it was easy to do this because there are actual arrondissement lines. The first edition of Wooden Arrows that I placed in the city was 235. I did anywhere from 10-12 Arrows in Every arrondissement. I would work within the arrondissement so precisly that when I found a spot to put up an arrow I would look at the street sign to check the arrondissement number and see if it corresponded with the one I was in? If that arrondissment was not the same number I would not put my arrow there. I did not want to cross over the Arrondissement numberlines, and go out of bounds. I did this until after all 235 were succesfully placed in Paris. I then doubled down on the "better half" of Paris. 10 Arrondissemnets that had a high amount of people passing bye, and constant action. This time I had an army of 216 arrows that I pierced Paris with. The grand total placed in Paris was 451. The hardest thing about making my arrows was working with high powered electrical tools. Throught trail and error I finally got to match my marked line with my cut line. I almost made 10 fingers dissapear into only 8 fingers. That was a close one. I would of never thought that tagging on Freight Trains in California would of led me to cutting wood in France. Its Strange the evolution of style.

Do you have any connection with french or US writers ?
YES I have a connection with all Writers. We all share the love of painting. The risk factor, and the creativity of one's style.

What was the first thing in your life that you remember being really passionate and excited about?
Drawing. I remember just loving to draw.

Who has inspired you, and who's work are you into now ? Not necessary in the graffiti world.
My Family. My Father is an amazing Painter, and ceramasist. His work ethic and style's are very inspiring to me. I would say in addition to him the whole Graffiti Culture as a whole is very inspiring. I love to walk down the steet and see someone risk their life, for getting Ups. Just people finding the power with in themselves and to channel that energy to street art is Powerful!

You wrote on a few stickers : "My mother is an artist". Can you tell us more ?
My mother is an artist. She along with my whole family are artists. We were all raised to find out our creative outlets at a young age. My parents would tell us That "the only way wrong to paint was to not paint at all."

Is she supportive of you doing art stuff?
My family backs me up 110%

What telephone number do you dial the most ?
867-5309 Jenny I got your number!

What is the hottest thing in California right now - except you - ?
The return of the Califonia Women. Just like the French Women, the California Women are Sexy, and fun to paint on.

What are your plans for the future?
I'll be back in Europe in about a year...I just need to finish some school here in California, until then I'll be attacking the US of A. with some bigger more advanced wooden Arrows, and freight bombing. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP^



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